System Development

National Certificate System Development Courses


Qualification ID: 78965
Course Title: MCSA
Duration: 3 weeks
Level: Level 4
Unit Standards - SAQA: 165

This course is delivered by 2KO Africa nationally and internationally and is SAQA certified

Course pre-requisites?
Computer literacy, windows and should have 2 years' experience in Server Environment. It is assumed that the learner is competent in skills gained at the further education and training band, with exposure to computing as an advantage, but not a requirement. A learning assumption of this qualification is foundational skills in English and Mathematics at NQF level 3. Further learning assumed is the ability to use a personal computer competently, and competence in the unit standard, "Participate in formal meetings", NQF Level 2 (ID 14911). The assumed learning can be acquired in the traditional way of formal study as well as in the workplace. Acquiring the competencies in a workplace (either via formal learnerships or normal on-the-job training) has the potential of addressing the problems of the past, where formal qualifications were only obtainable by way of formal study.

Purpose of the program:
The purpose of this qualification is to build a foundational entry into the field of Computer Sciences and Information Technology, specifically into the field of Systems Development, covering basic knowledge needed for further study in the field of Systems Development at Higher Education Levels.

The qualification can be acquired in the traditional way of formal study as well as in the workplace, through learnerships. Acquiring the qualification through learnerships has the potential of addressing the problems of the past, where newly qualified people getting into the industry struggled to get employment, because they were required to have practical experience. The workplace experience can now be gained while acquiring the qualification through the various learnership schemes that are planning to use this qualification.

A qualifying learner at this level will be a well-rounded entry-level Systems Developer with a good fundamental knowledge of the Information Technology field, coupled with interpersonal and business skills, preparing for later specialisation in Systems Development fields.

Course runs within a virtual environment.

Course Outlines:
Gain the skills needed to use Windows Server technology to power the next generation of cloud-optimized networks, applications, and web services.

These courses also prepare you for certification on Windows Server.

Three Exams
Exam 70-410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012
Exam 70-411: Administering Windows Server 2012
Exam 70-412: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services

Exit Level outcomes
Communicate effectively with fellow IT Staff & users of information systems
Demonstrate an understanding of different types of computer systems and the use of computer technology in business
Demonstrate an understanding of problem solving techniques, and how to apply them in a technical environment
Demonstrate an understanding of Computer Technology Principles
Demonstrate an understanding of Computer Programming Principles
Work effectively as a team member within a development project environment
Carry out, under supervision, a small size task to demonstrate an understanding of the knowledge, techniques and skills needed to understand the fundaments of Computer Programming


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